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shutterstock_100665757 SMLAt Raglan Suite Skin we pride ourselves on achieving naturally rejuvenated and beautifully sculpted results using dermal fillers. We don’t just “fill lines”, we look at why they have formed and re-build structures. We don’t believe one size fits all and so all our enhancement techniques are uniquely tailored to each individual.

There is a huge selection of dermal fillers available and choosing the right one is key to success. At Raglan Suite Skin we use a range of hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers called Restylane®. Hyaluronic Acid is one of the body’s natural building blocks and is responsible for giving skin its youthful characteristics such as elasticity and volume. The percentage of hyaluronic acid found in Restylane® differs only slightly from the skin’s own natural hyaluronic acid (less than 1%), so the chances of an adverse reaction are minimal.

How Do They Work?

Dermal fillers work by adding support or volume, for example under a line or wrinkle, to lift and soften it. The Restylane® Range used at Raglan Suite Skin is available in a range of thicknesses, which enables us to tailor its use to achieve the most natural results.

Full facial treatment is possible, for example:

What Does Treatment Involve?

As with all our treatments, the initial stage is a thorough consultation and assessment to ensure the best treatment is chosen to suit your individual needs.

Following that, your face is thoroughly cleansed and a topical numbing cream is applied to the area being treated. The dermal filler is then carefully placed. Traditionally it would be placed via a series of small injections and indeed this is still sometimes required. However, at Raglan Suite Skin we pride ourselves on offering the latest, most minimally invasive techniques and so we place the majority of our dermal fillers using a cannula rather than a needle.


Before treatment


After treatment

What is a cannula?

A cannula is a blunt and flexible tube that can be passed through tissues with the most minimal degree of disturbance. A small entry point is made with a needle and the cannula is then passed into the skin and moved to the area being treated. This means that rather than a series of entry points (or injections) there are only one or two. Once the dermal filler has been placed, a cream is applied to moisturize the area and minimize any bruising.

How quickly will I see the results and how long will it last?

Results are visible immediately after placement of the dermal filler and lasts approximately 6-12 months, depending on the material being used and the area being treated.

Are there any risks involved?

As we use a non-permanent hyaluronic based dermal filler, the risks of an adverse reaction are minimal. Inevitably, as treatment requires passing a needle or a cannula through the skin, there may be some bruising or swelling.

Through the use of our excellent facilities and meticulous technique, the risk of infection is also low. This is not an exhaustive list of potential risks, however any risk is minimised by thorough consultation, assessment and utilisation of the latest and safest techniques.

It is crucial that post treatment advice is followed closely.

Should I have treatment with Botulinum Toxin® or Dermal Fillers?

The answer to this question is reliant on a number of factors, for example;

The initial stage is always a comprehensive discussion of these factors with a thorough skin assessment and an explanation of all treatment options. This ensures the most suitable treatment is delivered to meet your unique needs.

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