Non-Surgical Facelift

good-skinThe face of Facial Aesthetics is changing, moving away from filling lines and towards restoring structures. As we age a number of changes occur affecting:

As our skin loses elasticity, the structures supporting it also diminish. The fat in our cheeks and around our eyes starts to drop, causing a flattening of our cheeks and heaviness or lines to appear. This is most common between the nose to mouth (naso-labial) or from the corner of the mouth down (Marionette).

Traditionally we would have approached these problem areas by placing a dermal filler under the lines. However, at Raglan Suite Skin we look more towards re-building the structures that have been lost. We do this by rebuilding the cheek (malar) fat, which means that the definition is restored and support is reinstated, lifting the lower face.


Before treatment


After treatment

Further improvement may then be achieved by subtle placement of dermal fillers and Botulinum Toxin in other areas of the face to achieve a naturally rejuvenated look. Softening lines in the upper face, opening the eyes and raising the eyebrows, even jowl lifting, can achieve the complete non-surgical face-lift. By using the latest minimally invasive techniques, post treatment recovery time is also reduced, meaning you can make the most of your new look soon after treatment.

As with all our treatments the components involved in the non-surgical face-lift are individually tailored to suit your needs and wishes, creating a refreshed, rejuvenated appearance.

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